Sunday, May 20, 2012

Architectural Artifacts + Candy Chang

My parents were in town this weekend so I took them to one of the most wonderful places in the city: Architectural Artifacts. It is a store and museum all wrapped up in one, and I think they rent a lot of this stuff out for movies. Everything is insanely expensive but so amazing! These were just a few of the awesome finds (my favorite being the picture of Vicki Sims...anyone know who she is?)

After Architectural Artifacts we went to First Slice Cafe in Lilstreet Art Center to get something to drink and this Before I Die installation by one of my favorite artists Candy Chang was there! A friend of mine was trying to get this installation up in our neighborhood (and honestly I think it is better suited for an area that isn't already so established), but it was still great to see it in person.

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